We are there for you

Firefighters have to work together as a team. Your way of life is determined by comradeship, reliability and a willingness to – quite literally in some cases – go through fire and water to help others. It is this team spirit that we have in common.

At S GARD, we have been developing turnout gear to protect you from harm for more than 130 years now. Our high-end firefighter clothing is always state of the art. Just meeting the standard isn’t good enough for us. The work of a fire service is constantly evolving, so we work incessantly on product innovations to meet those needs.

At the same time, we also see ourselves as an all-round partner. Among the services we provide are the care, cleaning and repair of your firefighter protective clothing. On top of that, our SAFETYTOUR offers you state-of-the art training and continuing education options through which you can acquire new skills and expertise.

In short, we are there to make sure you are perfectly prepared for and protected against the risks of your profession. We are there to serve you. We are your partner – UNITED FOR SAFETY.